woof woof wats for lunch lol

You don’t ever have to agree with things I say, but is it really necessary to make it so blatantly obvious that you’re so against things I say..like you really had to take time to be like “I can’t agree with this..” …Who cares..who the heck cares..back up for a second and think to yourself…”who the hell cares”




I only watched Free for Rin. 

Anonymous asked: if you delete we'll really miss you but i totally understand why you would want to!! people need to leave you alone lmao. try turning off your inbox for while, maybe? i sorry people are so mean to you :(

I threaten to delete at least twice a month but never do hahaha, but! It’s not so much people being mean. People can be mean to me and I won’t care because it’s the internet and I’ll get over something mean someone that I don’t care to ever know said to me ya know. If anything, it’s just annoying to come home after a long day and getting rude things sent to me for what ever reason. but again, I’ll get over it. Soon it will be nothing but a “remember that one time someone encouraged me to stop posting to avoid rude comments, good times.” 

That post has been up for less than 2 minutes.

That’s it. That’s me.

Today feels very Fall-like.

Even if we are born to die, I’m not afraid.

sad but still cute B)

Sad, dumb soul.